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Visionary Article: How to guide the right direction to the subconscious mind for your future?

Writing your future self will create a positive pressure on your current self to act.

A visionary article by the New York Times on Manjit Sargam Chawla in 2024.
Writing a visionary article will guide the subconscious mind to act accordingly and create what is written and what we think, the special instruction is from my digital mentor, Digital Deepak sir…
Article in The New York Times on 18th Feb 2024
Manjit sargam chawla award

Manjit Sargam Chawla is an eminent writer and Padma Shri 2024 award winner for her contribution to society in the literary field. She is very humble and helping personality. 

award manjit sargam chawla

She is a social activist who invented a music beat which is a combination of hooponopono mantra, along with Indian Musical Taal with delta and gamma rays a musical vibration. This beat music is doing wonder on the specially-abled children, Autism and Dystrophy children.

manjit sargam chawla disabled

The music beats get the brain cells revived and make many Specially abled children to become independent and start doing their own chores as much as possible. She gives free sessions to specially-abled children the whole year with the help of her team all over the Country. Manjit’s efforts become fruitful when the whole disabled community made handmade products and they sold them on an eCommerce website which leads to be a million dollar bussiness. She is creating employment for disabled persons, which make her an inspiration to all.

Manjit sargam chawla home in europe
She is fond of her beach house in Europe, that’s why she stayed there for three months every year and rest of the nine months she visited many countries to heal the souls, to deliver positivity.
She opened a resort in Srinagar to enjoy the snowfall and beauty of heaven, She and her family usually go there for holidays and peace. She used to write her books in her Srinagar and Europe House. Her fourth book was on Telepathy and Astral Projections which creates a boom in the industry in 2021, As she is the first Author in India to write on these concepts.
Her husband and children are as supportive as she is. Her husband is a Fashion Entrepreneur and already a brand for their clothing but nowadays he is also living his life with leisure and spending time in serving others.
She is currently earning a huge income. Her yearly turnover is approximately 100 cr, which she earned through her Book publishing and marketing company, Her affiliate sites, Her courses and from a multi-million FMCG product sales (handled by her children ). Her children in a very small age are doing very well in their sector of Spices and FMCG products and handle the business and life very effectively. The good part in this is she is not a regular office going person. She and her husband operate all their businesses from home or wherever they are.
Manjit Sargam Chawla Family
According to Manjit Sargam Chawla, she loves her team and employees and they also love her and they collectively make each other rich. She even helped many of her friends and family to set up their own empire, which makes her inspiring for all.
She put 20 per cent of her income in running these charitable Schools for special children.
Not only her finances and career, but she also maintained very good physic and health. She is 40 this year and she seems to be in her 20’s. Her good health is a byproduct of her nutritious diet and also her regular yogic exercises and Meditation.
Her bungalow in Mumbai is full laced with trees and greenery, She used to do gardening and enjoy the organic fruits, She and her all family including her in-laws and parents everyone lives there in that mega bungalow and they being a family enjoy the life almost.
She is an inspiration to many .
Manjit Sargam Chawla in itself is a name of strength.
She is Strength and Love Personified!

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