Does Steve Huff Play with our emotions on Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death?

Sushant Singh Rajput the name which is in news from a month
His sudden demise shocked not only India but the World, the fans, the family, all are drain and devastated. Many claims and controversies about his death are there in news and media. Whatever it was, We all lost our beloved Sushant. The Pain of losing him will last in our hearts forever.
From the last few days, I saw many people talking about Steve Huff paranormal.
Steve Huff is a Chicago based paranormal activist. He claimed that he connected to the spirit of our beloved actor late Sushant Singh Rajput and talked to him. In Past few years, he already claimed that he talked to the spirit of many deceased celebrities. One of those spirits were of Micheal Jackson. According to him, He used some high technology machines to interact with the spirits.


steve huff and sushant singh rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput death: What Paranormal expert Steve Huff claimed?

Within a week he posted three videos on Sushant Singh Rajput.
How he converses with Sushant’s Spirit is being recorded in the videos.
In his first video, he claimed that he called the spirit of Sushant and had a conversation with him.
He claimed in his first video that he was questioning Sushant’s spirit. Steve asked if the Sushant’s spirit need something?
the reply from the spirit was “ I am getting light” and “need love”.
My Thoughts :
After the videos get uploaded on youtube channel,
the news channels and social media started sharing the news. Everything was all about Sushant Singh Rajput and Steven Huff.
Hence, Steven Huff’s video goes viral on the internet and he was getting huge traffic over it. which in general was very less on his youtube channel, its his old technique to boost his own traffic and growth. Many people joined the huff paranormal channel by paying him because he told join and help. He claimed that he is not monetising the Sushant’s videos , which in itself is an emotional pain point of fans.
In Second Video, Steven Huff again called the Sushant’s spirit to come and talk.
He asked the question to Sushant’s spirit. That was,” What had happened the night before you died”, The Reply was “Big argument with men”
Sushant’s Spirit also said,“ they bought nails”.
Sushant’s Spirit ask about Steven’s wife Debby and Steven replied that She is sleeping in another room.
My Thoughts:
In this video and also in other video, he explained the spirit that the video touches 7 million views in 5 days. People and your fans are seeing you, hearing you. Thi is the example of direct Marketing.
In third Video, he was with his wife and they both were asking questions to Sushant’s spirit.
“Where you are “, Steve said, “You know that there is light”.
“My Mothers are here”,
“mind is growing”,
” The Neck”,
“Need Love”,
“Thanking God”, these are some replies from Sushant’s Spirit. 
My thoughts:
He made his wife Debby to sit beside him. The body language of Debby shows that she didn’t want to be there.
Another point is the information Spirit told to Steve and Debby was already in the news and the internet. There is nothing new in this context. Everyone knows that Sushant’s mother died already. Everyone knows that he had enough money. His love relationships was disturb according to the media and closed ones.
so what Steve did is saying Mother is here and Need Love is already people know.
We can interact with Spirits, they are all around us.
Thoughts about Spirits:
If a deceased person’s spirit wants something they give messages to the pure souls or their closed ones. They interact through dreams, intuitions and showing some paranormal activities.
Spirits come and convey their message to them.
Many spirits come to their loved ones and take rest.
Many spirits say something, convey their message and again go to the higher realm,
Some spirit choose to stay on earthy plane until an important task to finish.
Tasks include whether to make their child strong to make them capable to bear the loss.
Spirits linked to their loved ones, choose to stay in the 4D realm only because in 3D their loved one’s can’t let them go.
Spirits can also become guardian angels for their grandchildren, partners and children. They can also protect them through many hurdles and problems.


Thoughts about Sushant’s Spirit and Motive to write this Article:

Any Spirit who leave their body on Earthy plane, transcends.
The soul transcends towards another realm.
According to Dr Brain Weiss, transcends soul connects to the Light.
The Spirit Connect to the Master.
There would be many lives and many masters.
Every life has a lesson to teach the particular Soul.
When the soul learn their lesson chooses the next realm, the next path or the eternity known as Moksha.
Any spirit when cutting out from the realm needs rest.
Soul needs rest from their old life sufferings and pain,.
Light, Almighty God is there to make the soul feel calm and give peace.
Here in Sushant’s case,
we may call the spirit of Sushant to come and converse,.
We can do this through the power of Meditation, and many other mystical powers.
Mystical powers can be astral projections and many more.
The source to those powers are always the Universe.
Spiritual Awakened persons can also interact with any spirits.
They also have powers to send peace and love to them.
But right now,
Asking a spirit what is the cause of your death?
Who was there with you last night before you died?
Is a clear cut sign of disturbing the soul.
These things are creating pain to sushant’s soul more.
Please Let the Soul of Sushant get rest, Let him Rest in peace and let him choose his own path.
I am not here to publicise or to gain reach or traffic on a deceased soul.
I have been researching on Spirits, souls, reincarnation from many years . I already wrote book on reincarnation named The mystic of Twin flame Relationship.
I don’t want to explain how many times I get messages from the souls, that is somehow personal which I never want to share.
I am a researcher on Telepathy, astral projections and many reincarnation concepts.
We researchers can feel the vibrations.
Steve is disturbing the pure soul of Sushant Singh Rajput.
Instead of knowing through spirit,
Instead of questioning Spirit ,
We all should send love to him.
Send Love through your prayers
Send positivity,
Pray for his eternity,
Pray for this rest.
Hey! friends!
please be aware, people may play with our emotions through these types of videos and earn much.
Stay Aware!
Stay in Peace!
Spread Love!
Manjit Sargam Chawla

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