Are you also a Misfit somewhere and it really hurts?

misfit manjit sargam chawla

Many many times you are a misfit to society,  you are weird, you feel alone but that misfit is the power.

Incidents which shows me how misfit I was and then how I get healed .

Are you a misfit? manjit sargam chawla

I was in  class 7th, in our college premises one of Ministers had to arrive through a helicopter, my friend insisted me to come in the playground to see , but I was a misfit to society, I refused that no celebrity is important for me, I am attending my class…a huge mob of students was there to see him suddenly principal came in my classroom asked my friend who was with you , she slapped my friend and my friend named me , although she knew well that I was not there , principal mam slapped me also, that was the first incident I feel how misfit I was in a society and how your best friend cheated on you…after that I learnt to live alone and didn’t make any close friend later…

When I got married I was weird and misfit, my family ladies have huge interests in others clothes, what a gift we gave or they take , I was least interested in all these things. I was a misfit, they all believed in rituals, fast, many spiritual karmas like Solar or lunar eclipse rituals and all that and I was weird, I never trust all these and just have a strong spiritual sense of oneness and the karma of love..
I was a misfit.

Are you a misfit? manjit sargam chawla
Are you a misfit? manjit sargam chawla

I my social circle, people do social work, take pictures, put them on media , social media, hype their own social work and I was a misfit,  for me any donation given by one hand should not be known to another hand..
I get aside of those social work sansthas…I was a misfit and loose interest of many...😝

In my friend circle , ladies love to talk about their in-laws and relationships but I was again a misfit, I hate gossips, smalltalks and  backbiting, for me everyone have their own life perspective to live and everyone have a right to live their own life..I was a misfit and I lose all of my friends..😝

Are you a misfit ?manjit sargam chawla
Are you a misfit? manjit sargam chawla

My closest of loved ones choose some friends beyond me because now I am a misfit, misfit to some high-class society where we have to keep smiling, appreciating and constantly praising.
I am a misfit, for me truth is truth…I love to say the truth although I keep in mind it should not get hurt, maybe I am not as practical as to stay professional;for me the true human being is the true picture of love kindness and empathy.

Many many times you are a misfit to society,  you are weird, you feel alone but that misfit is the power.
You gain the power to dig deep into yourself you attain the power to seek the wisdom…the enlightenment starts from silence and Lonliness.
From Asthavakar sage who had 8 bends in his body to Albert Einstein …Many misfits are there who being ignored, neglected and termed to be not belong to the Circle or Society..

Are you a misfit? manjit sargam chawla
Are you a misfit? manjit sargam chawla
Remember if GOD makes you a MisFit , he already has some plans for you, You are a special child of Universe May be an Old soul who can’t bear sufferings of others and A healer..
You are a gem to society❤
You are a Unicorn🦄 a very rare to find..
You can pose to be the part of society…but you choose to be loyal, you choose to be authentic and you choose to be real you..This is Power…This is Strength in you…
Don’t compromise your integrity! Your purity is your love and your intentions 😊
Once misfits discover their purpose in life, it will no longer feel all that significant that they don’t fit in. For they will now be living a life of integrity, at their discretion to reveal who they are on a regular basis.
And when that happens, it will no longer concern them who, or how many, people want to befriend them😊
The vibration of Purpose of life with love is the highest❤
Manjit Sargam Chawla

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