11 simple ways to raise your vibration to attract what you want

11 Ways to raise your vibrations and attract what you want

How to raise your vibrations instantly?

Here are some techniques through which you can raise your vibrations and energy levels instantly:

1. Music:

Music has the power to relax the mind and is a wonderful method of relieving stress and any unwanted thought. Putting on music that talks to your soul will instantly change your mood and lower your stress. Just listen to a good music that initiates love and makes you feel good and relaxes the mind. Listen to the music while you are working, driving, cooking and reading. You can put on some good music, say your favourite song; just to enjoy music in solace. Music has been proved to stimulate Brainwaves (Positivity comes from resonance of the beat) which in turn changes your mood and even behavioural responses depending on the type of music you are listening to. Classical music and soft binaural beats music are known to calm the mind by stopping the mess up of thoughts.

The Music with positive affirmations is very effective in Meditation; it will connect you to the higher self by raising your vibrations.

2. Remember a sweet child:

Children are such a wonderful teachers!

Think of a child you love and adore, think of his smile, his naughtiness, how pure he/she is? Uplift your mood by remembering how a child takes the life that is without stress and free from tensions of future and past. Children are the purest reflections of the essence of life in all its beauty. Children live in present and flourish the present moment itself. It is only the heart that lives in the present moment; not the mind. Gift; that children bring to us is their heart and pure soul. By offering their soul’s purity to us, they invite our heart to come out and play; they invite our joyful and creative selves to dance in the present moment with them and all our life.

3. Pray:

Spare a little time to pray and meditate. It builds a link between you and the ‘Formless Almighty’. Meditation makes the pattern of prayers in subconscious mind, brings faith and lets our mind to keep calm.  What is the prayer? Prayer is a spiritual communication between a soul and the ‘Formless Almighty’, Universe, God or Super Soul whatever you say. It constantly seeks for the gratitude that is felt in our heart. It ultimately connects our aura with the God.

To pray is to surrender each and everything to the Almighty. It is all about feeling light and starting a beautiful conversation with the Almighty. Prayer is to ask God and listen to what he wants to say.

It will seem tougher to those who are not aligned to the proper vibrational frequency. Always remember God is not limited identity, he has plenty of resources, which you can’t even think of.

4. Gratitude:

Gratitude is feeling thankful to Almighty for each and everything he has given us. Due to him we are here on Earth and he is feeding us well and he has great plans for us as well. Be thankful for all the things the God has given. It’s the most effective step for effective prayer, but it needs to be done with the full thankful emotions.

Gratitude affirmations will help you a lot to stay in a positive mindset all the time. Being grateful fo what we have is a smartest stroke of happiness.

5.Ego-Less Soul:

To become egoless is to choose love. When we love unconditionally and have divine love in our mind for humanity, for whosoever we want to pray then the ego vanishes. The Love is the only remedy for ego.

The Divine unconditional love is the purest form of the soul. Love soaks all egos from the heart and changes it into altruistic attitude and our soul becomes pure.

When we give love to everyone everywhere our vibrations raise instantly.

Try to give love to trees, show some connection, you will be amazed by their vibrational reaction.

6. Reading:

It really doesn’t matter what book you read, by losing yourself thoroughly into an engrossing book, you can escape from the worries and stresses of the everyday world and spend a while exploring the domain of the author’s imagination.

Reading good self-help books, affirmations, scriptures; always help a person to stay calm and peaceful and it also vanishes the feelings of loneliness.

Reading regularly not only makes you smarter, but it also increases your brain power. The transformational books provide for knowledge through which someone can change their respective lives.

7. Driving:

Driving can be both; tiring and satisfying, depending on the circumstances. A journey without destination is the best kind of journey. It not only makes you feel invincible but courageous too. It give better experiences and cultural understanding in order to enhance your knowledge. Go for a long drive, don’t plan where to go, just surf the nature, explore the beauty given by the Almighty, go and feel it.

8. Meditation:

When you start meditating on a regular basis, you start gaining access to your inner self and the Universe more than you had ever before. From your inner you can start visualising vibrational energy. By meditating you connect to Formless Universe and can easily converse and associate yourself to anyone.

Start meditating every day and you will get better and better at your meditation as you gain experience, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have strong visualisations right from the beginning of meditation.

When I come from my bank in the evening, I feel totally exhausted and tired. To relieve myself from such tiredness and exhaustion, I lock my room for half an hour, listen to binaural beats and position myself in the most comfortable way. Then, I breathing in and out on the sound of clock. This is just make the mind calm and free from any obstructing thoughts. Once my mind is free from any other thought and concentrated just on the sound of beat or the clock, I come to know about the vibrational patterns around me and feel connected to them.

When we leave the thought process, we instruct our thoughts to let go of all fears, resentment, anger and jealousy.

9. Sound Sleep:

Sleep deprivation is the main source of all anxiety, depression, anger and sadness. So assure yourself to have a good sleep. The manifestation process is carried on while sleeping because our subconscious mind starts finding the way to manifest our dreams. So Sound sleep is the must. However, sleeping for more than 6-7 hours a day makes you lazy and less productive. The duration of sound sleep can be somewhat less or more then the prescribed time but it should be uninterrupted and deep.

After coming to know about sound sleep I used to sleep for approximately 12 hours. Isn’t it hilarious and dangerous? Wasting half day for sleep! Quality sleep is not in sleeping straight for 10 hours or so. When the mind is adequately drowsy and body too feel the same burden; that’s the exact time to sleep. To get rid of this habit I started chanting Mantras before sleeping and after waking up. It shaped my subconscious mind so that it would not entertain unwanted thoughts.

The 10 minutes before sleep and 10 minutes after sleep, is the most crucial time for manifestation. It is the time when subconscious mind can easily change the old perception and old habits. This is the time when we can easily imbibe new habits into our subconscious. So chanting mantras like ‘Simran’, ‘OM’ or reciting Affirmations at this time helps the most. It also strengthens subconscious mind and leads to sound sleep.

10. Dance:

The shortcut to happiness is nothing but dance. Dance is a wonderful way to connect to your inner self. It is perhaps one of the oldest and most widespread practices known to man, which not only fulfils our need for free expression and leisurely releases the worries but also bridges a gap between the finite and infinite.

Dance is the easiest way to connect with the Almighty. Play a song and start dancing, feel like no one is watching you and your blood circulation will boost up, creating the immense energy in the body. The energy of atoms are spontaneous and create the high vibrations and boost up the mood. The higher energy levels of the body get matched with the high vibrations and consequently connects itself with the Universe.

“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.”- Rumi

11. Nature:

Take a break of constant buzz of media and technologies and Dive into the  Mother nature, the trees, the garden, lake, beaches, mountains, whatever is near by you go there and spent some calm time to listen to the voice of Universe.

Talk to trees, listen to the birds ,Listen to water music it will heal your each cell of the body.

Mother Nature has everything for us to heal naturally.

“As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.” –Abraham-Hicks

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